Best Anti-Aging Secrets


Preventing your skin from natural effects of aging and other environmental issue that put too much bad impact on mitigating the effects of harmful free radicals is not that difficult. There are numbers of ways to make your skin look younger, fresher and brighter but the point is you all rush for instant results and for this choose such harmful chemical products that no doubt make you look younger than your age but effects your skin harshly. So before rushing for such, try out these amazing natural remedies.


Papaya contains high content of carotene, enzyme papain, vitamin C, essential minerals besides this it is an excellent natural exfoliant and moisturizer. Regular use of papaya even helps to lighten up skin tone and reducing the appearance of aging spots. It also open pores and left you with soft, healthy glowing skin.

Best Way To use:

Firstly peels of a strip off papaya’s outer layer using a peeler. Then in a swiping motion, apply it directly to your face just as would use a cotton ball or makeup remover swab. As you are using only the outer layer, so you can enjoy the rest by eating tasty shots of fiber, potassium and vitamins A and C.

Use Sesame Oil

The very first thing you need to follow after waking up in the morning, is giving a massage with organic sesame oil on all over your body. It is really effective for proper blood circulation in your body, plus the oil hydrates your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

Snack On Superfoods

As you know skin is matrix of proteins, water and fats that needs a non-processed food supply for replenishment. Here are few super foods that help you in getting rid of this aging issue:

•    Almonds provides your skin with skin-plumping fats and vitamin E. it’s powerful anti-oxidant helps offset UV damage.
•    Dark chocolates with a cacao content of 72% and rich in damage frightening anti-oxidant as well.
•    Blueberries are magic combo of anti-oxidants and collagen protecting vitamin c.

Other Alternative Solution:

Kollagen Intensiv is a natural and safe anti-aging skin care cream that claims to reduce wrinkles by accelerating your natural collagen production. It helps to fight against visible signs of aging reduces the pigmentation problem, fine lines and sagginess. It is one of the amazing products for all your anti-aging concerns such as wrinkles, pigmentation, saggy skin and dull skin.


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